Ballarie Designs was created by myself, Jessica Grant in October 2018. I’m a young Shepherdess on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. I work on the family farm alongside my grandfather, we keep 300 Scottish Blackface sheep on the rough hills of Ballarie Farm, Lochranza, ever since I can remember my dream has been to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps and become a farmer. My husband and I recently moved into my dream home, the old Farm house at Ballarie Farm, with our 2 dogs, highland pony and British Alpine Goat Aurora. I focused on art all through school but now study sheep husbandry through the open college in between my time on the farm and Ballarie Designs. I’m still hoping for a future in farming but at this moment in time it’s not an easy lifestyle, farmers have had a negative image portrayed of them recently and I want to contribute to changing that image. This where Ballarie Designs came from, I want to create a more positive image for farmers, Yes we produce animals so that in the end they land on people’s plates but that doesn’t stop us loving and treating every one of the animals well while we are responsible for them, livestock is a huge part of every farmers life. I’m going to combine my passion for and art and the passion for animals to create unique items and prove that even though I’m a proud produced of Scottish lamb ( I don’t currently produce goat, they are just pets) I still care for every sheep we own and treat a lot of them as if they were pets! In 2020 I launched Ballarie Designs bespoke, providing affordable printing services for other artists this allowed me to leave my part time waitressing job and become full time on the farm. I’m building my business to support myself and 2 industries I’m hugely passionate about, art and farming.