Bespoke Printing Service

Interested in having your logo printed on any of the home ware items I sell? I can do it for you! If you have a jpeg,ping or psd file of your logo between 300ppi and 600ppi I can print it onto various homeware items and accessories.
Please just email me at to enquire.


Priced per unit
Bulk discounts on orders with over five of one product.

Mugs £6
Coasters £3.25
Keyrings £3.25
Cushion (+insert) £12.50
Tote Bags £4.75
A4 Jigsaw £5
Aprons £8
Travel Mugs £9 (currently out of stock)
Bottles £11.50
Air Fresheners £5(currently out of stock)
Mason Jars £9(currently out of stock)

£3.50 standard small parcel postage
£2 large letter postage (small batches of coasters,Keyrings,Totes,aprons,jigsaws)

Max 7day turnaround

A recent bespoke waterbottle for Jennifer Earle Kiltmaker

Unfortunately due to being a one man business and having other responsibilities I can not take on large orders (20 or more of 1 item) at this time but I can recommend other printing companies.