The Artwork

I love working on commissioned pieces, I enjoy seeing everyone’s animals and being able to recreate them in my style. I aim to capture each animals character through my artwork, I find the eyes the most important for this and they are definitely my favourite part to draw. While I work from photographs of your pet I do enjoy hearing about your animals character and personal quirks, I like to feel like I get to know your pet while drawing them. It also makes it easier for me to ensure I’m portraying their character and personality to the best of my abilities. I’m happy to create drawings of any type of animal. I prefer to draw head and shoulder compositions as then facial features are more defined and detailed but I’m more than happy to create full body compositions as well. If you would like any details removed such as collar, tags etc please let me know. Likewise if you would like anything extra added such as tufts of grass, extra hair etc please inform me. I want your drawing to be perfect for you but can’t take responsibility for details if I wasn’t fully informed.


All of my portraits are completed on A4 light-fast (won’t fade) coloured pencil paper by Faber Castell using Faber Castell Poly Chromo Coloured Pencils.

I’m now also using watercolour paint for select commissions mostly tractors but if you would prefer this option please get in touch to discuss further.


  • A4 Coloured Pencil Single Subject Portrait £50
  • A4 Coloured Pencil Double Subject Portrait £75
  • A5 Watercolour Tractor Painting £30
  • A4 Watercolour Tractor Painting £35

A £10 deposit must be paid when booking.

Homeware from Commissions

Once your commission is complete you’ll have the option to have it printed onto various homeware items at a reduced price. You will also receive a code which you can use to purchase any of these items at any time.


I work from a reference photo this means the higher quality photo you can supply me with the higher quality a drawing I’ll be able to create. Multiple photos can be very useful in particular extra photos of your pets eyes.Please note if your reference photo has been taken by a photographer and is water marked I require written permission to recreate their artwork.


It generally takes me 6weeks maximum to complete a coloured pencil commission however if the reference photo is poor quality or it’s a complicated piece it can take me 8weeks. Please remember I have the farm and printing too! Start date may not be as soon as your booking is made at the moment I’m generally booked up a month and a half in advance but the expected start date will be discussed before your booking is confirmed. If your commission is for an occasion or specific date please let me know and I’ll do my best to meet it. Progress pictures will be shared with yourself and upon completion I will send you a scanned version of your drawing to make sure you are 100% happy. Please make me aware if you would rather I didn’t share progress pictures on my social media.

To Book

Once you’ve read the information and chosen your reference picture please fill in the form below and I will get back to you with an expected start and finish date and request your reference. Alternatively you can email I will then take a £10 deposit.

Use this form to apply for a commission

Terms and Condition’s


  1. Refunds can not be accepted. Please make sure you have familiarise yourself with my style and standard before booking a commission, I will do my absolute best to make sure my artwork is exactly what you would like and will ask you to confirm this before I accept payment. I as an artist will aim to complete the artwork to best of my ability based on your reference photo.
  2. I own the copyright to all my drawings and commissions. Please if for any need you need to reproduce my artwork ask for my permission first. I hold the right to reproduce any of my drawings and commissions on to any of my products but will ALWAYS contact and request your permission first. Please let me know if your not happy for me to share the finished artwork on any of my social media platforms.
  3. Artwork will only be posted once full payment has been received.
  4. I will do everything I can to make sure the artwork is exactly as you wanted and will share progress pictures with you and request that you confirm you are happy with the finished product before payment is taken. I do not accept responsibility for any details such as collars, tags etc which should have been declared with booking.
  5. Deposits are non refundable.