Imperfect Clearance Sale


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I pride myself in high quality printed products, however this means not all products make the first cut, this sale is all products which are still perfectly functional but aren’t the best print hence being heavily reduced. It seems a waste having them sitting in the studio.

These products are not returnable and faults are listed on each item.


Stag Mug 1, Stag Mug 2, Stag Mug 3, Stag Mug 4, Tractors Mug 1, Tractors Mug 2, Tractors Mug 3, Danny Bull Mug 1, Danny Bull Mug 2, Danny Bull Mug 3, Danny Bull Mug 4, Bee Mug 1, Daisy Lamb Mug 1, Daisy Lamb Mug 2, Daisy Lamb Mug 3, Daisy Lamb Mug 4, Dodi Pony Mug 1, Alpaca Mug 1, Alpaca Mug 2, Daisy Coaster 1, Daisy Coaster 2, Stag Coaster 1, Stag Coaster 2, Stag Coaster 3, Tractors Coaster 1, Tractors Coaster 2, Tractors Coaster 3, Aurora Shopping Bag, Bee Mug 2, Bee Mug 3, Stag Cushion, Pink Sweatshirt Size 12, XL White Sweatshirt


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